Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of the liquidation process.  We have the necessary tools to get the job done.  The diversified team at Midtown Liquidators is here to serve you.

Our Team Lead will communicate with you throughout the liquidation process.  With over forty years of liquidation experience, you are certain to get the desired results.

Assisting with the process is our Internet Specialist.  This team member serves as our interface to internet auctions.  Giving the liquidation process a strong internet presence is a task our Internet Specialist takes great pride in.

Our Stagers organize the contents of the estate in logical categories to increase sales.  These team members are experienced in delivering content visibility to the prospective buyers.  Stagers also assist with crowd flow and parking logistics.

Rounding out our team are our Sales Associates.  These team members are experienced in delivering stellar customer service.  Buyers will feel confident in their purchases after interacting with our Sales Associates.

Please contact our Team Leader to discuss your liquidation.