Midtown Liquidators logo showing Midtown buildings in Dodger blue with the words Midtown Liquidators written below the logo
 We assist with all business liquidations

Midtown Liquidators provides services  for all types of business and commercial Liquidations.  We will liquidate all assets from inventory to equipment.  Surplus, close out, overstock, and business closing liquidations are just some of the services offered.

Allow us to conduct a sale at your location and we will convert assets to cash.  Selling off assets that are not producing, allows you to focus on the good ones.  This strategy often makes a business financially healthy as opposed to moving towards bankruptcy.

Some of the business liquidation services we offer are;

  • Quitting Business Sale
  • Going Out of Business Sale
  • Retirement Sale
  • Creditor Sale
  • Total Liquidation
  • Retail inventory liquidation

The above is not a comprehensive list of business liquidation services we are happy to provide. Please contact us  if we can provide one of these services or customize a service to accommodate your needs.