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proper estate staging

Midtown Liquidators will perform all tasks necessary to conduct a highly successful estate sale at your location. Our experts will stage the contents of the estate and set the correct price for each item.  We promote and professionally manage the actual sale.  Every detail from start to finish will be handled by us.  Your only responsibility will be to receive the dispersed proceeds.

We will liquidate 90% of the estate contents in the allotted time.  Items are priced so that the contents of the estate are liquidated at an even flow through the hours of the Estate Sale.  The contents will not be sold too quickly or slowly. Several factors are contemplated in determining the pricing strategy of the estate contents.  Factors such as the number of days to prepare, promote, and hold the sale.  Of course, the location of the sale is another important factor.

In the end we will have found the perfect balance of estate proceeds and close to total liquidation.  Contact us today to begin planning your estate sale.