What are the fees or commissions for conducting a residential estate sale or Business Liquidation?                                                                                                             Our commissions have only a slight variance depending on certain variables. You may expect our fee to range from 30% to 40% of sales for conducting a residential estate sale.  The fees for a business liquidation ranges from 20% to 40%.   Much of this depends on the type of liquidation that it is.  Please contact us today for a consultation. 

How much advanced planning do you require to conduct an estate sale or liquidation?                                                                                                                               We remain flexible to meet your needs.  If you need the sale or liquidation to occur quickly, we will do everything possible to serve you.  As a general rule (3) to (4) weeks planning, will yield the best results. 

When will I receive the proceeds from the sale or liquidation?                                       You may expect disbursement within (24) hours of termination of a cash only sale or liquidation.  For sales where credit card payments are processed, you may expect disbursement within (5) business days.

Do I need to be at the sale or liquidation?                                                                           It is actually advisable for you not to be there.  Our team will focus on conducting the best sale or liquidation for you.  

What are the fees for a Clean Out service?                                                                           This would be answered during our consultation.  We would need to know the amount of content that needs to be disposed of.  Also, you would be entitled to an offset if there are items of significant value in the contents. 

Would you consider selling our home or business?                                                           We feel that we can serve our clients best by focusing on selling or liquidating the contents of your home or business.   However, we have partnered with the most productive Realtors and business brokers in both Indian River and Brevard Counties.  If you choose feel free to ask or a referral.